2021 Summer Live Music Schedule

Get ready to jam! Stop by our new courtyard for great food and good tunes weekly at the following times:

Fridays from 6-9pm
Saturdays from 6-9pm
Sundays from 12-3pm


Friday, June 11: Scott and Rosanna
Saturday, June 12: The Koz
Sunday, June 13: Joel Lindsey

Friday, June 18: JD Chaisson
Saturday, June 19: Elias Khouri
Sunday, June 20: Acoustical Bruce

Friday, June 25: Samantha Sears
Saturday, June 26: Sam Stucky
Sunday, June 27: Keystone Vibe


Friday, July 2: Elias Khouri
Saturday, July 3: Samantha Sears
Sunday, July 4: Joel Lindsey

Friday, July 9: Rhyme & Reason
Saturday, July 10: Keystone Vibe
Sunday, July 11: The Koz

Friday, July 16: Scott and Rosanna
Saturday, July 17: Samantha Sears
Sunday, July 18: Dixie Doc

Friday, July 23: Kea Michaels
Saturday, July 24: JD Chaisson
Sunday, July 25: Donna O

Friday, July 30: Will McMahon
Saturday, July 31: The Stolen Roses
Sunday, August 1: The Koz


Friday, August 6: RightTurn Clyde
Saturday, August 7: Scott and Rosanna
Sunday, August 8: Gary Prigsby

Friday, August 13: The Stolen Roses
Sunday, August 15: Kea Michaels

Friday, August 20: Elias Khouri
Saturday, August 21 from 5:30 to 7:30pm: Joel Lindsey
Sunday, August 22: Dixie Doc

Friday, August 27 from 5-7:30pm: RightTurn Clyde
Saturday, August 28: Samantha Sears
Sunday, August 29: Acoustical Bruce


Friday, September 3: RightTurn Clyde
Saturday, September 4: Bobby Thompson and The Groove
Sunday, September 5: Pick Up Line

Thursday, September 9th from 5-8pm: Gary Prigsby
Friday, September 10: Joel Lindsey
Saturday, September 11: Rhyme & Reason

Thursday, September 16th from 5-8pm: Kea Michaels
Friday, September 17: Samantha Sears
Saturday, September 18: The Koz

Friday, September 24: Elias Khouri
Saturday, September 25: Keystone Vibe