The 2021 Bakery Square Holiday Gift Guide

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Fit-mas Junkie 

We get it...It's hard to surprise a fitness junkie! Chances are they already have all of the new equiptment, subscriptions, and matching spotify playlist to go with their workout. Howeever, we've rounded up the best fitness gifts that are sure to impress even the most dedicated gym devotee!

A Pretty Penny ($$$) 

 Massage Gun and Massage Roller
 Who would turn this down?! Anthropologie has all of the massage guns and tools you need after the hardest workouts. 

 LA Fitness Membership
 Make sure you start your New Year's resolution early with a membership to LA Fitness! Bakery Square is home to their Signature Club, so enjoy higher-level equiptment, and larger amenities! 

Reasonable ($$) 

 Good Karma 3 Style Bundle
 Shopping for a half fashionista, half fitness lover? No worries, Free People has you covered! Shop from some amazing athletic sets, jackets, and accessories! 

 Pure Smart Jump Rope
 Sick of going to gyms? Anthropologie has TONS of at-home equiptment like the pure smart jump rope! 

A Little Somethin' ($)

 Free People Gift Card
 If you STILL aren't impressed with our choices, don't worry...Free People has amazing fitness outfits, accessories, and gadgets that anyone would love! 

Kids With Larger-than-life Imaginations 

First Christmas? Don't worry, we got you covered. We want this shopping year to be easy for you, so here are some of the best children's gifts you can find in Bakery Square! Santa's going to have a LOT of competition this year...

A Pretty Penny ($$$)

 Cabin Play Tent
 The perfect place to unbox those amazing gifts from Santa! With this gift the kiddos can relax and play while you gossip at the dinner table. 

 Ultimate Art Easel
Tired of having paint on the walls? This Ultimate Art Easel lets your little artist roam and express their creativity! It is perfect for arts and crafts, doodles, and school projects! 

 Modern Chair
 After playing with toys your little one needs to relax somewhere! Get the the perfect bean bag chair or this Modern Chair from West Elm! 

Reasonable ($$) 
 Kids Yoga Mat
 We're down dog! This kids yoga mat allows your kids to join when you just need a break. Sit down, relax, and exhale. 

 Balance Scooter
 Not ready for training wheels quite yet? This balance scooter is it! Perfect for kids who need a little bit of adventure, with a little more protection.

A Little Somethin' ($)

 Elephant Rocking Toy
 This present brings rocking chair to the next level! This is fun and practical. Good luck getting your little ones to stop playing with this one! 

 Steelers Football
 Who said you can't play football in the snow? Head outside with this Steelers Football from the Pro Shop Pop-Up, and just wing it! 

 Steelers 3D Helmet Puzzle
 Everyone loves leggos. Be sure to treat yourself along with your little ones with this amazing Pittsburgh Steelers 3D Helmet! You may have to take a few trips to the lego store after buying this one! 

Coffee Connoisseur 

Show your coffee addicts that you love then a latte! One thing we know about caffeine connoisseurs, they never turn down a cup of coffee. Mocha your friends and family crazy with these amazing coffee gadgets and kitchen accessories! 

A Pretty Penny ($$$) 

 Espresso Machine 
 Cup of coffee isn't doing it for you? This will be sure to wake you up. Whether you want a latte, cappuccino, tea, milk, or flat white, this Espresso Machine will do the trick! 

 French Press
 You may never walk into a coffee shop again after getting a French Press! Shopping for a coffee snob? A French Press is the perfect for all coffee know-it-alls. 

 Electric Kettle
 Sometimes you are too tired to even boil water in the morning. This electric kettle will help you get ready for the morning, and save you a a heck of a lot of time! 

Reasonable ($$) 

 Temperature Controlled Travel Mug
 Shopping for someone who is on the go? This temperature-controlled travel mug is perfect for the one that is always moving! 

 Milk Frother
 Best way to top off your coffee or tea? Foam! This milk frother will bring your coffee making skills to the next level. You may want to call yourself a barista after using this.  

A Little Somethin' ($)

 Coffee Latte Mix
 Not a fan of black coffee? No worries. Anthropologie has some coffee syrup and latte mix that are perfect for those sleepy mornings!

 Anthropologie Coffee Mugs
 Cute and caffeinated! Head over to Anthropologie to shop from their entire home section, including some holiday mugs perfect to wake you up. 

Furry Friends 

Treat your furry friends this year...literally! Humans aren't the only oones that need gifts this holiday season. Make your pet's year by treating them to some holiday fun. Psst. you might want to buy some gloves and hats for yourself, you will be playing outside a lot this winter! 

A Pretty Penny ($$$) 

 Large Dog Bed
 Grab some sleep after playing outside all day. This large dog bed is comfy and perfect after a long day of fetch. 

 Cave Pet Bed
 Christmas decor, and the perfect small pet bed! Your pet will hide away in this bed for a longgggg time! 

Reasonable ($$) 

 Dog Raincoat
 Dogs need protection from the rain too! This dog raincoat comes in all shapes, sizes and color. This is perfect for any type (and size!) of dog. 

 Dog Puffer Coat 
 Stay warm this winter. This dog puffer coat will protect all of the beautiful fur on your furry friend. 

A Little Somethin' ($)

 Birdie Cat Toy 
 Need a small stocking stuffer? This cat toy is perfect for those pets that love to play! 

 Stuffed Animal
 Cozy up with this extra special stuffed animal. Your pets might love it so much, it will start to fall apart. 

 Pet Shampoo and Conditioner
 Get clean after your long day of playing outside. This shampoo and conditioner will make your pets ~finally~ love baths! 

The One Who's Home for the Holidays 

We all have that one friend and family member that never says no to home decor, especially over the holidays! This year, surprise your friends and family with holiday decor that they will LOVE! All we want for Christmas are candles and West Elm holiday decor!!!

A Pretty Penny ($$$) 

 Voluspa Deck The Halls Candle Gift Set
 Already set for the holidays? Well who can say no to candles! This gift set includes some of the most popular candles from Anthropologie. 

 Anthropologie Throw Blankets
 Cuddle up after your holiday feast and relax in some Anthropologie throw blankets. These soft blankets are perfect for those cold cold winter nights! 

Reasonable ($$) 

 Garland & Wreath
 There is no such thing as too many decorations. This garland and wreath set is perfect for those who always hot, or are staying home for the holidays! 

 Tree Skirt
 Practical AND pretty! This tree skirt is perfect for those who love to be clean, but also have to have the best tree in the neighborhood. 

A Little Somethin' ($)

 Anthropologie and West Elm have the cutest ornaments to make your tree sparkle! Not sure what to get your loved ones for the holidays? Ornaments are always a good choice! 

 These stockings are so pretty that Santa might want to steal him for himself! Make the house look good, and make yourself smile with some adorable stockings. 

We will see you soon, get to shopping and happy holidays! 

For the One Who's Always Sleigh-in-it

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Wrap Jacket
Their shopping cart is always a work of art. We all have a family member that was supposed to be a Project Runway model, so we put together the best gifts for the one who is ALWAYS in style! Warning: If you purchase any of these items there is a 90% chance you will be asked to take Instagram photos for them in their new outfit...

A Pretty Penny ($$$)

Free People Wrap Jacket | Everyone nees a winter jacket! This choice is fashionable and will go with almost every holiday outfit!
Anthropologie Sequined Plaid Mini Dress  | This mini dress is perfect for every holiday party! Be the belle of the ball in this gorgeous black and white plaid dress. 
Anthropologie Maeve Taffeta Maxi Skirt  | Give your fashionista some options for their holiday party! This maxi skirt will for sure impress even the ones with no fashion sense. 

Reasonable ($$)

Anthropologie Maeve Longline Eyelash Cardigan |  Who can say no to a cardigan?!? This present is truly a classic...
Knit Wrap Poncho | Chic happens. Make sure it does with this Anthropologie Knit Wrap Poncho!
Braided Faux Fur Earmuffs  | Perfect for ice skating during those cold winter months! This present is fashionable and different from your typical winter accessories.

A Little Somethin' ($$)

Recycled Blanket Scarf  | Stay warm this cold cold winter with a recycled blanket scarf! This choice is fashionable AND practical! 
Free People Gift Card  | Feel like your presents will be returned asap? We got can't go wrong with a gift card! 
Anthropologie Gift Card  | If you STILL aren't impressed with our choices, don't worry...Grab an Anthropologie gift card so your fashionista can shop for themselves! 

The Festive Foodie

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They are the ones that always have the inside scoop! Don't know what to get a foodie? Well they are very easy to shop for in BKSQ! This year, we have opened five new restaurants, and a sixth one is coming soon. Check out the deets below, and get ready to chow down some food with your local food connoisseur. 

A Pretty Penny ($$$)

Holiday Skier Dinnerware Collection | Enjoy your leftovers on some festive holiday dinnerware! You better lick your plate!
Portable Pizza Oven | Alta Via Pizzeria in Bakery Square is ~almost~ open! Until then, make some pizza at home with this multi-fual portable pizza oven from West Elm!

Reasonable ($$)

Dinner at Galley Bakery SquareCan't decide on where to go to dinner? No problem! The Galley has not one, but FOUR restaurants to choose from. From burgers to baked goods, there is something for every tastebud. 
Dinner at Tako TortaWant something new? Tako Torta is a brand new restaurant located in Bakery Square. Stop by for tacos, enjoy their tequila tower, outdoor seating, and more!

A Little Somethin' ($$)

Cookie Jar | Save your leftovers in this festive holiday jar! Everyone needs something sweet once in a while...
Winter Sugarfina Village | Craving something sweet? Surgarfina is the perfect choice! Grab their holiday village and we guarantee it will be gone in minutes! 

The Self-Care Addict

Self Care
Shower your friends and family with these gifts, or grab some for yourself! After the past two years, it is time to de-stress, and hit pause. From fluffy slippers to noise-cancelling headphones, here are creative self-care gifts that will help you relax and focus throughout the holidays.

A Pretty Penny ($$$)

Record PlayerRelax this winter with some holiday tunes! This record player is perfect for your holiday get togethers, or to listen by yourself!
Lounge SetPamper yourself (or your friends) this season with this Anthropologie Lounge Set. This gift will bring a smile to the fashion lovers, AND the self care addicts.

Reasonable ($$)

Noise-Cancelling HeadphonesSometimes all you need is quiet over the holidays. Enjoy the silence with these noice cancelling headphones!  
Anthropologie BlanketCuddle up and relax! Anthropologie Blankets are perfect for the holidays. Guests, friends, and family will love to snuggle with the faux fur coziness. 
Voluspa Deck The Halls Candle Gift Set | Who can say no to candles?! Can't decide on one scent? No worries, this gift set includes some of the most popular candles from Anthropologie!  

A Little Somethin' ($$)

SlippersEveryone needs a pair of slippers, especially during the cold winter months. Anthropologie slippers will for sure put a smile on anyone's face. 
Mini Mist Gift Set | Go on...pamper yourself with Anthropologie's beauty and wellness products. Our favorite is the Mario Badescu Mini Gift Set, which refreshes and revitalizes your skin!

The Alco-Holidays Lover

This is even better than "I got your next round." Looking for a gift for your favorite drinking buddy? These alcohol-themed gifts will be appreciated whether they need something new for their bar cart, want to try out a new cocktailm or have a special occasion coming up...we've got it all!

A Pretty Penny ($$$)

Deck Out Your Bar Bundle | Don't spend any more money at bars next year, make your friends make drinks for you! This bar bundle includes everything you need to make the perfect drink. 
Bar CartYou'll need a place to hold all of your presents! This bar cart is the perfect place to store all of your favorite tools, drinks, and glasses! 

Reasonable ($$)

Bar Tool SetLearn how to be the perfect mixologist with this Bar Tool Set. This set will impress every bartender! 
Wine HolderGet into the holiday spirit! This wine holder combines two of our favorite things: winter and wine! 

A Little Somethin' ($$)

Holiday GlassesPut your favorite holiday drinks in some festive glasses this year. These glasses will impress every grinch this year!  
Champagne Tree Ornament | Want a small gift for your drinking buddies? Anthropologie has a TON of ornaments that will put a smile on anyone's face!

The Home Chef

Home Chef
Whisk your friends and family a Merry Christmas! Even the most experienced home chef would love these. Take a look through some of our favorites, and snag yourself an invite to try out their new food creations! 

A Pretty Penny ($$$)

Materials Fundamentals Knife SetIt's simply the best. This knife set will be used so much that you might have to buy another one next year! 
8-Piece Cast Iron Cookware SetThis cookware set may be more impressive than the actual food! This will make any home chef's YEAR!

Reasonable ($$)

Holiday Cookie ApronWho said you can't look good while cooking? This apron will impress everyone at the dinner table! 
Very Merry Oven MittChic and practical! This holiday oven mitt will impress the home chef that is also a secret fashion lover!

A Little Somethin' ($$)

Cook This BookStuck on what to eat over the holidays? This cookbook provides some amazing holiday recipes and more to try after you fail your new year's resolution. 
Cookie Jar | What's better than a holiday family dinner? Dessert! Gift this holiday cookie jar to your friends or family, it will be the talk of the dinner table!