'I see YOU' Art Reveal

Once again, Bakery Square is vibrant with new local art.

The third installment of Bakery Squares community public art project was unveiled Monday, June 13th. Nationally renowned artist and Pittsburgh resident Curtis Reaves worked with over 80 students at Lincoln Elementary and Urban Academy o teach fine arts skills and create incredible colorful silhouettes of the students that help them identify their individuality. The public art program is a part of Walnut Capitals “Grow With Walnut” initiative. “There is an energy that you feel when you connect with these kids and see the art they’ve created,” Perelman said. “We want this to be a gathering space." UPMC announced at the unveiling that they will be funding another year of art. Senior Director Dan Lavalle said his dad encouraged him to turn to art as an outlet for him when he was young. His brother passed away unexpectedly and he found how incredibly art can heal a person.

Pittsburgh Public School Director Wayne Walters said there is power in art and this will be a lifelong memory for these students. 


Thousands of people will pass by the beautiful art in Bakery Square over the next 6 months and the power and impact of the art these students made with Curtis will be seen and known by many.



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