Getting Here

Parking and Directions

Make your daily commute a piece of cake!

You’ve certainly got some options when it comes to your Bakery Square commute! Bike, scooter, bus or car: whatever wheels you’re riding, there’s an accessible way to get to Bakery Square.

Pop these addresses into your preferred navigation app to get you right to the front door. 

Bakery Square has plenty of parking to go around with not just one parking garage, but two! The South Garage has two points of entry/exit that can be accessed from Bakery Square Boulevard within the plaza or along Dahlem Place. The North Garage has a single point of entry/exit from Dahlem Place. Both parking garages have a High Occupancy Vehicle parking space as well as a total of 46 total Electric Vehicle parking spaces for those guests that may need to charge up!

The pricing structure for each garage is as follows: 

Regular Rates
0-2 Hours: Free
2-5 Hours: $6.00
5-10 Hours: $9.00
10-24 Hours: $16.00

Night Rates 
0-3 Hours: Free (After 5pm)
3-5 Hours: $6.00 (After 5pm)
5-10 Hours: $9.00 (After 5pm)
10-24 Hours: $16.00 (After 5pm) 

Weekend Rates
0-3 Hours: Free
3-5 Hours: $6.00
5-10 Hours: $9.00
10-24 Hours: $16.00

Regular Rates apply to Monday-Friday 6:00am-5pm

The garages are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Electric Vehicle (EV) Parking (18 in South Garage, 22 in North Garage)
High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Parking 

Located at the intersection of several major bus routes and the East Liberty Transit Center, Bakery Square is very accessible by public transit! Please visit the Port Authority Trip Planner or download the Transit application to plan your bus route to Bakery Square.

Westmoreland Transit also offers service to and from Bakery Square. Loading and drop off take place at the corner of Bakery Square Boulevard and Penn Avenue, next to Mellon Park. Click here for more information.

If you are a resident at any Walnut Capital property, you are able to utilize the Resident Shuttle that makes multiple stops at Bakery Square throughout the day. View the full shuttle schedule here.

Carnegie Mellon University also offers a shuttle service to transport students to Bakery Square which runs Monday through Friday. View the full schedule here
Bakery Square has plenty of bicycle amenities to support your trip!

Outdoor Bicylce Racks
  • Located near Galley - Bakery Square
  • Located on Living Place
Bicycle Fix-It Station
  • Located on Sally's Path
Protected Bike Lanes
  • Along Penn Avenue
Indoor Bicycle Parking
  • Located at Bakery Office One, Bakery Office Two, Bakery Office Three, Bakery Living Orange and Bakery Living Blue. Reserved for office and residential tenant use only.
Shower Facilities
  • Located in Bakery Office One. Reserved for office employees only.

Looking to rent a bicycle? There is a HealthyRide station at the corner of Penn Avenue and Bakery Square Boulevard.