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We're Not Your Average Office

Certainly you've heard by now that Bakery Square was once home to the Nabisco Baking Factory and is now a destination for shopping and dining as well as home to several office buildings. The buildings are easily identifiable by numbers and interconnected via a circulation path for convenient, all-weather accessibility to and from Office One, Two, and Three. Yep, we're talking about that crazy sky bridge that crosses Penn Avenue. There are some serious views from up there! Anyways, each office building is a little bit different and offers different amenities.  No matter where you're working you can enjoy the convenience of our campus. Grab a bite to eat with your coworker at lunch, get a quick workout in or unwind after a long day with a walk in Mellon Park!

Bakery Office One

Bakery Office One is where it all started! The former Nabisco Baking Factory has been transformed to a unique office space previously used to churn out delicious goodies. The smell of the air alone would have you craving something sweet! Inside you can find some of Nabisco’s original baking equipment and hold meetings in the conference rooms that showcase iconic Nabisco products made in the same building a century earlier. Bakery Office One is the brick building with our recognizable marquis sign that frames the courtyard and connects to the South Garage.

Tenants Include:

University of Pittsburgh
UPMC Enterprises
Department of Veterans Affairs

425,000 SF

Historic Renovation

7 Stories

LEED Platinum Certification

Bakery Office Two

Bakery Office Two is a fully integrated mixed-use development on 12 acres across Penn Avenue from Bakery Office One and the plaza. The six-story office building was completed in 2016 and blends an energetic atmosphere with a professional lifestyle. Office fatigue? Not here! Enjoy the refreshing outdoor workspace next to a pond and delightful greenery. Use the main entrance on Living Place or hit the Skybridge to cross Penn Avenue from above.

Tenants include:

UPMC Enterprises

200,000 SF

6 Stories

LEED Gold Certification

Bakery Office Three

Completed in 2020, Bakery Office Three is the new kid on the block. The office building has a striking design serving as a symbol of Pittsburgh’s vibrant growth and reinvention as a hub for technology, innovation and sustainability. With a rooftop terrace, stunning outdoor courtyard, and offices beaming with natural light, we’re confident that Office Three is the definition of #OfficeGoals!

Tenants include:

Philips Respironics
Software Engineering Institute - Carnegie Mellon University

330,000 SF

9 Stories

LEED Gold Certification

Getting Here

Make your daily commute a piece of cake!

You’ve certainly got some options when it comes to your Bakery Square commute! Bike, scooter, bus or car: whatever wheels you’re riding, there’s an accessible way to get to Bakery Square.


If you do not have a parking lease it does not matter which garage you park in. Both garages are connected to all office buildings through the series of sky bridges and have the same rates. If you have a parking lease, please confirm with an Alco representative which garage you should park in on a regular basis.
No, both parking garages have the same rates and welcome on-site employees and visitors alike. Both garages are also connected to all office buildings through the sky bridges.
For more information on Parking Leases, please reach out to Their team will help assist with parking lease activation.
For lease accounts, you can return the card and/or cancel without charge as long as the card has not been used that month.
Parking is free for two hours Monday-Friday and free for three hours on Saturday and Sunday. The parking rates beyond the two or three hour limit can be found at
No, all on-site employees should park in the North or South parking garage. The surface parking lot is reserved for guests utilizing the plaza for one hour or less. Any vehicle parked for over 60-minutes is subject to be towed.
Bakery Square cannot be held liable and does not have control over a car being towed, nor will we know the reason your car was removed. You will need to locate the appropriate city signage around the area that your car was towed in order to find tow company information. If your car is towed by Walnut Capital, please locate on-site signage for towing company information or contact your Leasing Office. Please remember that all vehicles are towed at the owners' expense.
Unfortunately, guest parking is not available without additional payments made through entry/exit tickets. If you are interested in validating guest parking please reach out to to set up validation tickets.

People are Talking

“Slick and cool place. Great addition to East Liberty. Look forward to the continued expansion.”

Parking Leases

Monthly parking leases are available to on-site employees and personnel through Alco Parking Corporation. For more information or to request a lease, please email

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Wanna Grab Lunch?

There is no shortage of lunch options while working at Bakery Square! Check out the options at the food hall, opt for the infamous “You Pick Two” at Panera, have a sandwich, pizza or tacos! Decisions, decisions.