Code of Conduct

Please help us maintain the Bakery Square experience.

In order to provide a safe and enjoyable family-friendly environment, Bakery Square management asks that all patrons, employees, tenants, residents and guests be respectful of others and act responsibly while at Bakery Square. During your visit, the following are prohibited:
  • Using obscene language, shouting, and playing music without the use of headphones.
  • Littering, defacing,or destroying property. Any activity inconsistent with the general activities at Bakery Square, which are shopping, dining, staying at the hotel, working out at LA Fitness or visiting offices for business purposes.
  • Loitering in front of or blocking restaurants, offices, parking areas, sidewalks or common areas.
    Skating, skateboarding, hover-boarding, scooter or bicycle, riding on sidewalks; running, and climbing or standing on furniture or walls.
  • Smoking or vaping, except in designated smoking areas, anywhere on the property
  • Distributing material, soliciting, demonstrating, conducting interviews, taking professional photos,
    videos or audio recordings (without prior Bakery Square management approval).
  • Carrying a weapon of any kind, including firearms. Bakery Square is private property and has been designated by management as a “firearm free zone” regardless if an individual possesses a permit to carry a firearm. 
  • Use of alcoholic beverages is restricted to restaurants only. The legal consumption of alcoholic beverages may only occur in designated areas. No consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted at any time in the common areas, lawns, sidewalks, garages or other parking areas. 
  • Pets must be under the control of the owner at all times. Owners are required to clean up after their pets.
  • Individual store hours vary. All visitors under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian after 8 pm, unless otherwise permitted by each individual store policy. 
  • No panhandling or aggressive requests for money,food or other valuables.
  • Two-wheeled vehicles must be parked in parking spaces. Vehicles or motorcycles deemed loud by management are not permitted on property.
  • Clothing that obscures the face, unless worn for cultural, religious or medical conditions, or mandated by public health officials.
  • Clothing that does not adequately cover the body. All patrons must be fully clothed and can not wear indecent, inappropriate or gang related attire.
Bakery Square is a private property. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations and Federal State and local laws is grounds for exclusion from Bakery Square. You may also be subject to prosecution under applicable laws. If you have any questions regarding these rules of conduct, please contact

Thank you and enjoy Bakery Square!