Eating Vegetarian in Pittsburgh

If you're a vegetarian you know the drill...

If you're a vegetarian, you know the drill...

Ordering appetizers as a meal, “May I order the BLT without the B?”, the works. We know you can get quite sick of ordering the same two things from the appetizer or children’s menu just so you can eat when you go out with friends. 


Being exhausted from this issue, we’ve been requesting our friends meet at Bakery Square! Inside the Bakery Galley there are 4 different restaurants inside, and there are several other places to eat around the Square as well. To save you some trouble, we’ve compiled a delicious list of some of our favorite items from around Bakery Square. We’ll begin with the Galley items, since they’re all found in one convenient place.


We’re going to start with our girls at GG’s Café. Not only are there vegetarian options, but they aren’t substituted items. They’re delicious staples to their everyday menu. Us veg heads can begin with their delicious rosemary and parmesan cheese fries or their harvest brussels sprouts. We are quite a brussels sprouts snob. Sometimes we find restaurants add them to their menu as a last stitch effort to make a menu appear trendy & green. Not the case here. These delicious roasted sprouts are covered in spices, herbs, and oils to make them a great way to start your meal. Ready for your entrée? Their jackfruit cakes are a spicy way to add some substance to your meal. Enjoy them alone or with their mac & cheese! Want something lighter? They also have an amazing salad selection, and their Mediterranean already comes meatless, no substitutions required. 


Somi is another haven for the Pittsburgh herbivore. Located next to GG’s in the Galley, this modern take on Eastern Asian cuisine gives you exactly what you want. Appetizers like baby bok choy covered in soy sauce and honey, broccoli doused in miso butter, and fried edamame that leave your fingers sticky and salty and delicious. Where Somi knocks it out of the park is their Korean stir-fry that comes meatless. Served perfectly vegetarian, no alterations needed! They offer their proteins separately for the miso noodles and their tofu is the perfect mix of soft and flavorful. You have your choice here. Ramen, curry, stir fry. 


You’d think a place called Bubbas burgers would be hard to find a vegetarian option right? WRONG. Not only do they have the Beyond Burger styled as a delicious California burger, but their appetizer section is full of completely filling and non-whimpy apps like balsamic roasted brussels sprouts, nachos, cheese curds, and pretzels. While the burger is great, we recommend getting all the apps and letting your table graze and try everything for dinner. Show your nonvegetarian friends that eating meatless doesn’t mean eating boring!


What is nice about City Fresh Pasta is almost all of their pastas arrive meatless. It’s your prerogative to add meat or not. For my indecisive veggie friends, we definitely recommend the AMP. This hilarious and delicious dish is half alfredo sauce, half marinara gnocchi. The two pastas are split down the middle with a piece of crispy parmesan. Other than the pastas, they have a veggie wrap that’s great for the gazer in all of us, however if you’re coming to CFP, pasta is on your mind. 


With all these options you’d think our list is done right? 


You must not know this area very well. 


Alta Via Pizzeria has recently opened inside the Conservatory next to the Galley and you’re honestly not ready for this hot fresh fire they’re cooking up. The world is literally at your fingertips with all of their pizza options for you. Our personal favorite is the Alta Vegan which is their poured vegan mozzarella cheese, sausage, and pepperoni. Dare you not to drool.


Tako Torta has so many options 


Don’t forget, you also have fan favorite Panera where you can get their classic mac & cheese, Starbucks where they serve breakfast all day and you can enjoy the impossible sausage egg and cheese, a grilled cheese, or a spinach and feta wrap. You can also swing by Jimmy John’s where the guys who work there will make you feel right at home. You can order one of their meatless sandwiches on the menu or they’ll work with you to create something delicious, fresh, and sooooo not boring. 


Have you eaten at the Galley? Which vegetarian friendly place are you excited to try?? Tag us In your vegetarian food photos on IG @bakerysquarepgh