Bakery Bites: A Contactless Food Ordering Platform

Bakery Bites

Bakery Square is now excited to showcase Bakery Bites, a premier contactless food delivery, catering, and pick-up service. Now when you choose to visit Bakery Square, place your orders ahead of time, and roam around the square while you wait!  

Bakery Square developed the platform as an amenity for the nearby neighborhoods and offices to bring high-quality and contactless dining to Pittsburgh. 

While creating Bakery Bites will allow guests to order from all of Bakery Square's restaurants, including GG's Cafe, City Fresh Pasta, Bubba's, Somi, tako torta, and soon, Alta Via Pizzeria. Craving some tacos, but want something sweet? Bakery Bites is just the place for you. 

To order, guests and neighbors can scan a QR Code on-site, or visit to view the digital menus, place orders, and taste a selection of restaurant offerings in Bakery Square. A few of the restaurants that guests can order from include:
  • Tako Torta: Richard DeShantz has created several unique restaurants that have helped reorient Pittsburgh's focus from steel mills to the next food city. tako torta, one of the group's eight local spots, is a street-fusion taco shop focusing on fresh ingredients and chef-driven tacos. 
  • Galley Bakery Square: Galley Group is focused on creating unique high-volume food hall spaces to provide qualiy fare and top-notch bar programs in a communal setting. Galley Bakery Square is currently home to: GG's Cafe, City Fresh Pasta, Somi, and Bubba's! 
  • Coming Soon - Alta Via Pizzeria: AVP presents big Burrito Group's pizzeria take on modern Italian cooking in a casual and friendly environment. Alta Via Pizzeria will be opening Spring 2022, so mark your calendars and keep refreshing that Bakery Bites tab! 
With access to the wide array of restaurants in Bakery Square, visitors can place their orders, visit Sally's Path, take a peek at Lori Hepner's work, or shop at Anthopologie, West Elm, or Free People, all while their food is being prepared!