A Year in Review

To celebrate 2022...

We have put together a list of some of our favorite memories and accomplishments of the past year. Join us as we relive the busiest year Bakery Square has had to date! 

Bakery Office Three Opens + Philips Comes to Work

The newest office space in Bakery Square is complete and welcoming new employees! Philips Respironics occupies floor five through nine and is expecting to welcome more employees to the new space to work in-person come the new year. 

Successfully learned (a few) TikTok trends

Okay maybe we weren't "successful" at it but we tried our best! This year we lost manyyy hours trying to perfect some of the most popular moves on the internet. Even our CEO joined in! 

Bakery Square Refresh Complete

The long awaited "refresh" project is finally complete! From the Conservatory and the stunning green walls to the energized courtyard and new restaurants, the plan has successfully transformed Bakery Square's plaza and public spaces. 
School Supply

Made A Big Difference...

2021 was filled with giving. This year, we had the opportunity to put together Clothing Drives for the East End Community Thrift, Food Drives for the East End Cooperative Ministry, and School Supply Drives for Lincoln PreK-5. Bakery Square is so thankful to everyone that donated. Here's to another year of giving! 

New Restaurants Open in Bakery Square

Bakery Square welcomed two kick-ass restaurants to the plaza and Pittsburgh has been loving them! Galley - Bakery Square opened in May and tako torta opened in October. We are eagerly awaiting AVP's opening so they can join the scene and we can get our hands on some killer pizza. 
N Garage

North Garage Complete

Parking problems? Not around here! Construction on the North Garage is complete! Standing at 9.5 stories high, the garage will provide an additional 1,016 parking spaces to the square. 
Art Program

Launched the Public Art Program 

In conjunction with the "refresh" project, we successfully launched a public art program which provides an opportunity for local youths to collaborate with inspiring artists in pieces that will speak to the community and visitors from around the globe. Artwork is displayed on the 720 square foot panels on the new two-story building. Janel Young and Lori Hepner were the two artists chosen in 2021. 

Sheetz Coming to Bakery Square

Bakery Office Four is getting its first office tenant! Sheetz announced the opening of a new 20,000 square foot office to expand Sheetz's footprint to open their first-ever technology and innovation hub. 

Gave Away a TON of Prizes! 

Our favorite part about 2021? The giveaways! This year, we gave away over $20,000 in prizes for our Summer Sweepstakes and 12 Days of Giveaways. Think 2021 was big? We cannot WAIT to see what you think of our prizes in 2022! 

Larimer-Homewood Multimodal Greenway Extension

The project on Dahlem Place continues to gain momentum as we successfully raised 3.1 million dollars towards our proposed public transportation imporovement project. 

Hosted Soo Many Events! 

Pop-ups...workshops...trivia...the list goes on and on! One of our favorite parts of 2021 was having YOU in the square! This year we had I Made It Market host maker community events, Blooms PGH stopped by to host some flower workshops, musicians come to the Courtyard to sing some of their favorite tunes, and so much more. We were so happy you enjoyed our events just as much as we did, and we cannot wait to host even more this year. 

Partnered to Bring New Affordable, For-Sale Housing to Larimer Residents

Together with the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh, we announced a plan to build 7-10 for-sale affordable homes in Pittsburgh's Larimer neighborhood. The nearly $1 million project is made possible through our participation in East Liberty TRID Phase II and also includes a workforce development program. 

2021 was our busiest year yet, and we are not done! We are so excited to bring the neighborhood even more artists, events, restaurants, and tenants in 2022. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our brand new projects and announcements.