Things to Do

Looking for things to do? We've got a few ideas.

Shopping & Dining

Eating followed by shopping. Or shopping followed by eating? Your choice! Enjoy a mouthwatering meal from one of our local restaurants and browse the selection at the popular retailers located in the Square.

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Trivia, live music, and parties… oh my! Fill up your calendar with our events! Snag a few friends and enjoy movies in the courtyard, pop-ups, children's events, and more. Check out our full event schedule to see what strikes your fancy!

Want to host your own event at Bakery Square? We'd love to have you! View more information about Private Event options here.

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Sally's Path

Sally’s Path is a trail that links Bakery Square to Shadyside for walkers, runners, bikers, or scooter-ers to pass through. We’re not sure if that’s really a word, but you get the point! The immersive experience is open to the public and designed to dazzle. The art installation features tree-like structures and fascinating lights that make for a great photo backdrop. Yep, you should definitely do it for the ‘gram.

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Public Art Program

Stop by the plaza to get inspired by the Bakery Square artist in residency! The public art program commissions local artists to work with neighboring schools and organizations to create community art worth ooh-ing and ahh-ing over! The art rotates on a yearly basis, so catch the current art while you can!

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The Portal Art Gallery

The Portal Art Gallery is a space dedicated to showcasing captivating, local artwork. The exhibits are changed throughout the year and all of the art in the gallery is for sale. Plus, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Larimer Consensus Group. You did say you were looking for a statement piece, didn't you?

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Bakery Square's Conservatory is one of the most popular places on campus! The three-story open-air atrium has public seating throughout, two large living green walls, and garage doors on either end to let in some fresh air. It's the perfect spot for a WFH day that's out of the house, to enjoy a bite to eat for lunch, or pop by for an event!  

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