How to Make Working out a Habit

Sometimes the last thing you want to do is get up and move. Let's talk about motivation and training your brain to want to work out and how you can make it a habit.

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 Why is it so hard to get myself to workout?

The body is naturally predisposed to conserve energy to help survival and the physical strain of working out or getting active can be seen as a threat to your system. Let’s turn it from a threat to a reward.

The most common thing to do when getting on the fitness train is to go too hard too fast. What this means is going from a low energy lifestyle to a hyper intense CrossFit class or running a few miles. Your brain will start to see the red flags immediately and you’ll never want to work out again (been there, done that). So what should you do instead? Start easier, maybe with something you actually like. Walking your dog, taking a dance class, attending a low impact yoga class. Make a positive relationship between working out and your brain. Because let’s be honest, you’re more likely to do something you actually enjoy!

 Invite your friends!

It’s usually more motivating (and enjoyable) if you aren’t doing it alone. And who wants to be the person that invited their friend to an OrangeTheory class and then ditched them because they just didn’t want to go? Not us. Support each other! Be an uplifting friend during a workout and hey, if you’re both hating it… misery loves company, right?


 Treat Yo Self

This is one of our favorites. An hour on the treadmill sounds like actual torture. However, an hour watching the latest episode of the Bachelor? We can get into that. It will feel better to be moving and distracted! Bonus points if you’re personally invested in the characters and even more distracted. Tricking your brain into thinking you’re doing less than you actually are can be beneficial to making movement a part of your lifestyle.

 Rhythm and Routine

Same days, same time. Your brain will eventually think something is wrong if you aren’t moving at your regularly scheduled time! It’s so easy to just go right home after work, however if you work somewhere close to a gym (like us, sitting here, typing this, looking across the street at LA Fitness) make it your post work stress reliever! Finding a place that’s close to you can be helpful because you can get there quickly and get home quickly. Maybe you can start taking a walk every Friday at lunchtime or attending the same class every Monday evening. Having a set schedule is key! When it’s a regular part of your routine, working out feels like showering or brushing your teeth.

 You can form a habit in a month, why not start now?

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