GG's Cafe Out-Grows its Home, Expands with the help of Walnut Capital and the Larimer Consensus Group

GG's Cafe was a hit since opening day at Galley- Bakery Square

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But as owners Meredith and Christine Galloway grow their business, their 15 month long run at Galley will come to an end at the end of August. The pair already own a successful catering company called SugarxButter, and they're adding a full scale resturant to their list of accomplisments now as well, thanks in part to this partnership with the Larimer Consensus Group and Walnut Capital that they're calling the Minority Restaurater Accelerator.

The intended purpose of Galley Group is to foster resturants and chefs and help boost their business and that has certainly been the case for GG's Cafe. Galley Group Inc. is a food hall development, management, and advisory company that operates in Pittsburgh and Minneapolis. Their 4-kitchen resturant concept provides unique local food offerings in a communal setting, offering chef-owners the opportunity to run their own businesses for low risk and minimal cost.

"GG’s provided terrific food and hospitality to Bakery Square’s customers, while providing a level of diversity at Bakery Square that made everyone feel welcome,” said Gregg Perelman, founding CEO of Walnut Capital. "While we’re excited for GG’s next step – we want to take a more active role in ensuring that diverse businesses exist regularly at Bakery Square. This, too, is something that is important to the Galloway sisters and as developers, we can and will play a more active role.” 

The pair are already scouting nearby locations, hoping to close only briefly before reopening.