Wedding Registry Tips featuring West Elm

Registering for your wedding is supposed to be the easy part of wedding planning, right? Not always.

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Not always. We’re here today to give you some tips and tricks for registering for your wedding, with a little help from our friends and design pros here at West Elm Pittsburgh located in Bakery Square.


Let’s talk about the time frame! You’re going to want to have your registry done about six months prior to your wedding. That sounds like a lot of time, but here’s why. It is recommended that you complete your registry about six months before your wedding for people who want to get you gifts for your engagement party or bridal shower. Make sure you give people the chance to get you what you want and need- on their time! If you don’t, you might end up with some interesting gifts that may or may not collect dust in your basement for years to come!

 Multiple Registry Locations

Next, we recommend registering at a few different places. A high end store, low end store, and at least one brick and mortar location. It’s incredibly tempting to just register online and have gifts sent to you but more than likely you’re going to have some family or friends who just want to go and put their hands on an item for you. By registering at multiple places, you give your guests options at multiple price points and allow them to shop in the way they are most comfortable.


 Keep your Space in Mind

It is important to keep in mind your space when creating your registry. If you have a huge kitchen and you want a standing mixer, go for it! But if you’re living in a bit of a smaller space, you might want to pass on that item. Register specifically for your space and have a plan of attack for when you bring your incredible gifts home. What are you doing with them, where are you storing them, are you replacing something etc. The last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed by anything except the abundant love from your friends and family!


 Be Yourselves!

This can’t be said enough. Be yourselves. If you want to grab a new piece of artwork or a funky sculpture, go for it! Just because it may not be a “traditional” registry item like bath towels or wine glasses, doesn't mean it shouldn’t be on your list! If it makes your heart happy, scan it!


 Go In Person

Last tip and probably the most important. See it in person. You’re going to want to touch and feel your plates, blankets, linens, cups, silverware. Did you know you liked a certain weight to your forks and knives? Probably not. But you will when you get a set that’s unexpectedly heaving or super duper light. That is where our friends at West Elm Pittsburgh are the BEST. They think about things like that! They also help you think of your registry as a whole, instead of split pieces. Maybe you really really want those stone gray cups and bowls, but you also really want those copper pots and pans, but the warm orange color of the pots and pans make your plates look blue? Yes, this is an ACTUAL thing that may come up when you do a registry walk through!


 What If We Don’t Need Anything?

For those who have been living together for a while now, you may feel that you have everything that is typically on a registry. Instead of opting out, go ahead and take a look around your house together! If you’ve had it since college, if it’s broken and you’re making it work, or you simply want to upgrade, put it on the list! Always come armed with a list, but don’t feel like you need to stick to it when creating your registry! And believe me, there is always something you will want when you walk in the doors at West Elm!

If you're getting married, remember these tips!

Getting married is an exciting and fun time and registering for some gifts should be no exception. That’s why we’re poppin’ bottles with all couples who register in person at West Elm Pittsburgh! Stop by and complete your registry at West Elm and enjoy two glasses of prosecco at Tako Torta, compliments of Bakery Square!

Need some ideas of what to register for?

Check out this comprehensive list of staple registry items from West Elm!  
  • Bedding
    • Duvet cover duvet insert (1)
    • Standard pillow shams (2-4)
    • Euro pillow shams (2)
    • Sheet set
    • Quilt or coverlet (1)
    • Throw blanket (1)
    • Throw pillows (1-3)
    • Mattress pad (1)
    • Standard pillow inserts (2-4)
    • Euro pillow inserts (2)
    • Pillow protectors (2-4)
  • Dining
    • Dinner plates (8-12 of each)
    • Salad plates (8-12 of each)
    • Bowls (8-12 of each)
  • Flatware
    • Salad fork
    • Dinner fork
    • Dinner knife
    • Tablespoon & teaspoons (8-12 of each)
    • Steak knives set (1)
    • Everyday glasses (8-12)
    • Water pitcher (1)
    • Cheese board (1-2)
    • Cheese spreaders (2-4)
    • Cake server + knife set (1)
    • Serving utensil set (2)
    • Serving bowls (2)
    • Serving platters (2)
    • Napkins (8-12)
    • Napkin rings (8-12)
    • Placemats (8-12)
    • Table runners (1-2)
    • Tablecloth (1)
  • Cooking + Baking
    • 10-Piece Cookware Set (1)
    • Dutch Oven
    • Cast-iron skillet (1)
    • 13-piece knife set (1)
    • Round cake pans (2)
    • Loaf pans (2)
    • Baking sheets (2)
    • Measuring spoon set (1)
    • Measuring cup set (1)
    • Mixing bowl set (1)
    • Stand mixer (1)
    • Rolling pin (1)
    • Toaster (1) b
    • Blender (1)
    • Oven mitts (2)
  • Countertop Essentials
    • Spoon rest (1)
    • Salt + pepper grinder pair (1)
    • Mortar + pestle pair (1)
    • Oil + vinegar pair (1)
    • Butter dish (1)
    • Utensil holder (1)
    • Paper towel holder (1)
    • Storage canisters
  • Coffee + Tea
    • Espresso machine (1)
    • Tea kettle (1)
    • Mugs (8)
    • Serving platter (1)
    • Sugar bowl (1)
    • Creamer (1)
    • Citrus juicer (1)
  • Wine + Bar
    • Wine glasses (8-12)
    • Cocktail glasses (4-8)
    • Champagne flutes (4-8)
    • Moscow Mule mugs (4-6)
    • Coaster sets (2-3)
    • Corkscrew (1-2)
    • Wine stoppers (2-4)
    • Wine decanter (1)
    • Tray (1)
    • Bar cart (1)
P.S. Don't be afraid to go beyond these basics with furniture + accents for your future home to give your guests a range of prices and ideas to choose from.