Bakery Squarez Newest Addition: Sheetz!


Bakery Square's- no sorry, Bakery Squarez newest tenant is anything but average- they're Pennsylvania royalty. On Friday, we officially welcomed Sheetz into the Bakery Square family.

Bringing a company like Sheetz into the tech scene here at BKSQ is huge for both Sheetz and Bakery Square. With over 20000 square feet of space in Bakery Square Office Four, 70 employees, and countless opportunities, they are expanding innovation, customer service, and technology development.

The Sheetz company put a nice little bow on the end of their ceremony with a $5,000 donation to the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.

Our mission at Sheetz is to create a business that puts the Sheetz as we know it today, out of business. The expansion of our office space at Bakery Square will allow us to further develop, test and implement transformative products and services that will help Sheetz meet and surpass customer demand for the ultimate one-stop-shop.

- Emily Sheetz, VP of strategy and IT

CEO Travis Sheetz described the vision for the Pittsburgh office as "transformative innovation." This could potentially lead to ventures unrelated to Sheetz's core business, or improvements that enhance their existing operations. Although the family-owned company operates around 600 stores across Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region, there are currently no stores within Pittsburgh city limits. However, Travis Sheetz expressed openness to the idea of adding Sheetz stores in Pittsburgh, emphasizing the need for an innovative approach to urban store design that aligns with the company's values.