Now Introducing: AI Avenue

What was once an epicenter of baking technology is now poised to become a beacon of 21st-century innovation.

Pittsburgh is poised to lead the AI revolution, with all the right components along Penn Avenue – from groundbreaking institutions to tech giants and medical pioneers investing in AI to transform healthcare. As a cornerstone of Pittsburgh's innovation ecosystem, Bakery Square is embracing artificial intelligence (AI) to drive economic growth, enhance quality of life, and promote sustainability.

AI Avenue is the one-mile corridor from the Penn and Fifth Avenue intersection in Larimer to the Duolingo office in East Liberty. The well known anchors are Google, Duolingo, CMU Cloud Lab and UPMC Enterprises, but there are over 20 emerging artificial intelligence companies that are bringing more jobs and development to Pittsburgh's East End neighborhoods.


LoveLace AI, led by Andrew Moore, former dean of Carnegie Mellon University's esteemed school of computer science, is among the trailblazing companies set to call Bakery Square home. With a mission to leverage AI for public safety, LoveLace AI sees Bakery Square as an ideal environment to cultivate their vision, supported by Walnut Capital's emphasis on community engagement.

Similarly, Netail, spearheaded by renowned computer scientist and tech luminary Andrew Ng, sees Bakery Square as fertile ground for their AI-driven solutions. As a recent addition to Amazon's board of directors, Ng's choice of Bakery Square underscores its allure as a nexus for cutting-edge innovation.

We want to solidify our reputation as a vanguard of technological progress. With initiatives like AI Avenue driving job growth and community development, neighborhoods like Larimer and East Liberty stand to benefit from Bakery Square's technological renaissance.

We saw this natural emergence of companies that were interested in technology, AI, and we thought that, 'Why can't we start recognizing that for people in Pittsburgh and people all over the world?’

 - Todd Reidbord, President, Walnut Capital

So we have created an "AI Avenue” Working Group to strategically harness this momentum. Our mission? To catapult Pittsburgh onto the global stage as a powerhouse in AI innovation, ensuring prosperity spills over into every community along the way.

Our Vision

  • Elevate Pittsburgh as the premier destination for AI ventures, setting the standard for tech ecosystems worldwide.
  • Empower Communities by integrating AI growth with 'Main Street' rejuvenation, enhancing public infrastructure, and opening avenues for workforce development.
  • Foster Inclusivity by encouraging startups from diverse backgrounds, with a spotlight on women and minority entrepreneurs.
  • Secure Partnerships to unlock local, state, and federal support, bringing our ambitious goals to life.

AI Avenue represents more than just technological advancement – it's a catalyst for community empowerment and economic opportunity.